Auditions & Interviews

Our audition process is completely FREE!


It's to be expected that you'll be nervous on the day, however, it's worth remembering the panel have been through countless of auditions before so they know exactly how you you'll be feeling. When you arrive on campus they'll be a member of our Student Experience Team to greet you (they're not on the panel and just here to support you through the process). You'll start the process with a campus tour before splitting off by course, this is when the audition process begins. You should allow up to three hours to complete your audition.


We're interesting in getting to know you as a performer so be simple and truthful in your performance.

SELECTING YOUR MONOLOGUE (Musical Theatre/Drama & Performance)

You should read the whole of the script from which your monologues are taken so that you have an understanding of the character and context as you may be asked questions on the play and it's characters. We recommend performing your monologue in your own accent. A chair will be available however we don't recommend the use of any additional props.


Your solo dance should be your choreography and not that of a teacher or a friend. We may ask you questions on why you chose the music, style or movements within your solo so it's often a good idea to create your solo around a memory, experience, emotion or object.


For practical auditions please bring/wear comfortable clothing which you can dance/move in. If you're course is interview only please wear clothing you feel comfortable wearing.


If you're visiting the campus for you audition or interview you do not need to pay and display, however, you must report to the campus reception within 15 minutes of arriving on campus to register your vehicle. Vehicles not registered will be issued with a automatic parking charge.

Audition Requirements

Musical Theatre
  • Participate in a dance workshop
  • Participate in an acting/performance workshop
  • Perform a song from your musical theatre repertoire. Please choose a musical theatre song from any era which suites your voice type. Please bring both sheet music and a backing track playable through an aux (eg. mobile/ipod)
  • Perform a short speech (no longer than two minutes). This can be from any play, any era. However it must be from a stage show so please avoid film/tv scripts
Drama & Performance
  • Perform two contrasting monologues.
    One modern and one classical (each monologue must be no longer than 3 minutes)
  • Participate in an acting workshop
  • Take part in a 1:1 interview to discuss your experiences and future ambitions
  • Participate in a dance workshop exploring a range of styles
  • Take part in a 1:1 interview to discuss your experiences and future ambitions
  • Perform a prepared 2 minute dance solo in any style. Please bring your music on a device than can be connected to an aux input (eg. mobile/ipod)
Theatre & Live Events Production
  • Take part in a 1:1 interview to discuss your experiences and future ambitions
  • Bring any examples of previous stage, event or production experience. This could be in the form of photos, lighting designs, scenic designs, videos or show programmes. These act as excellent talking points during your interview. However, this is not essential.