FdA & BA Hons (Level 4-6)

Drama & Performance

Full-Time Fee (Per Year)
Top-Up UCAS Code
Fee Per Full-Time Academic Year
FdA £7,500 / BA £8,250

Course Overview

The course is taught by a team of experienced professional practitioners, all currently active in the industry. It provides students with excellent practical performance skills and develops the discipline, self-confidence and communication skills required to thrive in an increasingly competitive job market. Through intensive performance training and professional performance opportunities we build up your practical skills and knowledge to prepare you fully for working in the creative sector, whether you see yourself as a performer, director, workshop leader or teacher. All modules are weighted towards practical assessment and some modules are entirely practically assessed. 

We provide opportunities to deliver and experience performance in a variety of environments and forms. Previous tour destinations have included Berlin, Serbia, Athens, New York and Paris.

The Drama & Performance programme is a three-year BA Honours degree, comprising a two-year FdA (Levels 4 and 5), followed by a BA (Hons) Top-Up (Level 6). This structure allows for maximum flexibility, enabling you to achieve a qualification after two years, to continue for the full Honours degree, or to join us from another institution for your final (top-up) year only.

Course Strucutre

Study Programme

FdA Drama & Performance Year 1

The first year of the course centers around techniques for devising and analysis of performance text. You will study key practitioners' theories while exploring practical physical and vocal work that underpins actor training. 

Alongside regular technique classes you will also take part in additional stage combat and acting for camera classes in order to fully equip you for the projects and productions in the second and third year of the course. 

This year sees you introduced to a wide variety of experiences and encourages a disciplined approach to the work. These ensure that you gain relevant skills to operate efficiently and effectively as an actor and creator in any rehearsal room environment.

FdA Drama & Performance Year 2

This year of the course allows you to put technique in to practice with high production value performance opportunities both onstage and in your acting for camera work. You will continue to develop and advance your actor training with specialist workshops in voice and physical techniques appropriate to the project. 

A strong emphasis of the second year of the course is to provide you with industry focused projects that you will perform and develop in professional contexts. Theatre for Young People develops your skills in performance and in organising and managing relationships with venues. Acting for the screen will give you experience and resources to use upon graduation including footage for an actors showreel. 

Devising and adaptation of text remains central throughout the second year of the course, developing your skills to work effectively as an actor and creator of work, whether as a solo performer or ensemble member.

BA (Hons) Drama & Performance Top Up (Year 3)

The third year or top up year of the course includes professional development classes ensuring you connect with the industry and develop your professional profile. You will be expected to meet industry standards of performance as well as technical, production and project management demands. 

You will develop your skills in new directions; both as a director and in the creation of theatre which uses new media technologies, and will be given the practical support to realise your creative ideas effectively. Your own ideas will guide your projects and you will develop work which you can extend beyond your time in education to begin your career.

You will graduate as an industry ready performer and creative practitioner equipped to source and find work as well as create and produce projects within the arts. 

Additional Information

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Entry Requirments

FdA - 96 UCAS points from a range of Level 3 qualifications, the expectation is that one of these qualifications would be from a creative subject. English 4/C. BA (Hons) - A HND or Foundation Degree.



Fees & Funding

Study Programme

Entry Requirments

FdA - 96 UCAS points from a range of Level 3 qualifications, the expectation is that one of these qualifications would be from a creative subject. English 4/C. BA (Hons) - A HND or Foundation Degree.

Course Duration
Full Time
  • FdA (Level 4-5) - 2 Years
  • BA (Hons) Level 6 - 1 Year
Part Time
  • FdA (Level 4-5) - 2 Years
  • BA (Hons) Level 6 - 1 Year

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